The following is a statement of objectives of We The Children Foundation:

1. To create an educational center that offers parenting classes and trainings for parenting class instructors.
2. To host lectures and workshops that provide education and training to parents, teachers, and any and all members of society regarding child development, child psychology, and children’s rights.
3. To create a vigorous anti-bullying (anti-peer abuse) program and/or campaign in California.
4. To educate teachers, counselors and school administrators on how to establish a student-centered classroom.
5. To host a monthly forum for children where their voice can be heard.
6. To provide a safe haven for children who are being physically, emotionally or sexually abused.
7. To provide personal and confidential counseling for children who are experiencing parental abuse at home or peer abuse at school.
8. To help facilitate the implementation of policies and laws that will provide better protection of children.


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