The primary goal of the Foundation is to capture the public’s attention in order to shed light on children as an area of interest, and, in that light, to reach the three central goals of education, enlightenment and empathy.

Education – Our first goal is to inform society – to share the evidence that violence in parenting, bullying in school, family dysfunction, physical and sexual boundary crossing, and physical and emotional neglect have a lifelong effect on children. In this endeavor, we will invite people to examine their own experiences of childhood and those of others.

Enlightenment – Our second goal is to awaken society – to scrutinize in the public eye often held dogmas, doctrines, traditions and mystifications regarding children and to shed light on the truth that children are both people now and children in the critical process of development who need us to provide a loving, nurturing environment where they can grow into healthy adults.

Empathy – Our third goal is to promote public empathy to spread empathy in our society for the plight of children, to help people see the world through a child’s eyes, and to help adult members of society to remember what it was like to be a child so that they may feel empathy and compassion for children.

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